Imagen de producto Abanico de pedestal 16
Imagen de producto Abanico de pedestal 16

Abanico de pedestal 16" azul



nombre: abanico de pedestal 16" azul

referencia:  ab-7154-5b(l)

color o diseño: azul

voltaje: ac110v/60hz


- 5 aspas de plástico (tamaño: 14 "36cm)

- con 3 velocidades, 4 botones (0, 1, 2,3)

- con temporizador

- output: 35w±5w watts

- peso: 85g

- altura: 125cm

- pies cruzados con almohadilla

- motor con protección fusible


feature: 16 inch stand fan

-           with 5-wings plastic knife blade (size: 15" 38cm), weight: around 85g)

-           with 3 speeds, 5 buttons (0=off, 1 low, 2 mid, 3 high, red is strong)

- with timer (on, stop, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 (60mins)

-           left and right swing 60°~70° , with control buttom. tilt angle below 10 °

[*must use tuning knob to lock the angle adjustment of fan head.]

-           adjustable height setting as per ev sample

-           102 pcs radial line grill [metal spokes] (outer diameter: 43cm)

-           fan blade thickness: 1.2 to 1.7mm

-           with 102pcs ribs (wire diameter): 1.1-1.2mm (with coating)


clips [free net] around the grill.

-           with round base (outer diameter: 37cm (with coating), 1.495kg (weight)

-           product height: 125cm (the highest height)

-           lower tube (with painting): length 38cm x diameter 38mm, thickness 0.4-0.5mm (with coating)

-           extension tube (stainless steel, length 25cm x diameter 25mm, thickness 0.3mm (not less than 0.3mm)

-           must pass 10° tilt test

-           round base with food pad

-           motor with fuse protection



material for fan blade: pp material for neck joint: pp material for motor cover: pp

material for control box (integrative body): pp material for round base: pp


color as below

-           main color in white

-           fan blade in blue color

-           front and back grill in white

-           front brand board in white

-           decoration screw in white

-           control integrative body in white

-           on/off button in white

-           other button 1, 2, 3 in blue

-           strong (power) button in red

-           timer silk print in silver

-           motor cover in white

-           neck joint in blue

-           round base in white



power: 35w±5w watts

motor in copper coating aluminum wire, size: 66(l)x66(w)x14 (h)mm with fuse

motor rotation speed (with loading blade): around 1150±50rpm

wind speed according to the ev sample


cable: 2x0.15mm, print 2x0.5mm2, aluminum wire, 160cm outside long. not include plug, (* try to pass pulling test)

*the cable and plug with marking. but no certificate available (client accepted)


voltage: ac110v/60hz with 2 flat pin plug

color: blue

voltage: ac110v/60hz

name: stand fan 16" blue

model:  ab-7154-5b(l)

color and design: blue

voltage: ac110v/60hz


-           5-wings plastic knife blade (size: 14" 36cm)

-           with 3 speeds, 4 buttons (0, 1, 2,3)

-           with timer

-           power: 35w±5w watts

-           weight: 85g

-           height: 125cm

-           cross feet with food pad

-           motor with fuse protection


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