Imagen de producto Estufa a gas 20
Imagen de producto Estufa a gas 20

Estufa a gas 20" 4 puestos c/horno plateado


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  • nombre: estufa a gas 20" 4 puestos c/horno plateado


    referencia: ef-6652ng204s


    gas/eléctrica: gas




    • 4 quemadores y un horno de gas
    • capacidad del horno: 60l (20”)
    • placa superior en acero inoxidable
    • ignición de pulso
    • puerta de horno en vidrio transparente doble
    • cubierta del quemador en latón, quemador en aluminio (1 grande, 2 medianos, 1 pequeño)
    • cubierta de vidrio templado
    • presión de gas: 2800pa


    color: plateado


    dimensiones:  485x500x910mm

4 gas burners and 1 gas oven feature: - manual ignition
-    top glass (transparent glass without front edge)
-    stainless steel top plate (working top)
-    silver color powder printed body with higher side panel (80cm)
-    oven door (big window inside with mirror outside): full double glass
-    brass burner cap, aluminum burner (1 big, 2 medium, 1 small size) (new design)
-    presion de gas: 2800pa
-    consumo: 630g/h
-    dimension dela valvula: 0.5mm x 1, 0.6mm x 2, 0.63mm x 1, 0.75mm x 1
-    oven grid: electroplate (dimensions: 380x395mm; thickness:∮4.5x∮2.5mm) (1pc)
-    tube (火排): aluminum plating (down burner in the oven)
-    handle: curved handle #h2-s (in silver color)
-    knob: black color (#k4-bs)
-    with thick enamel rack (#g4-t)
-    plastic leg (high duck feet: 9cm)
-    ovenʹs capacity: 60l (20ʺ)
-    size of enamel rack: 424x217x30mm
-    dimensions:
unit size (without the leg): 485x500x820mm unit size (with the leg): 485x500x910mm
-    thickness:
working top (面板): 0.5mm front panel (前板): 0.6mm side panel (側板): 0.6mm

packing: 1 pc per carton. each unit packed in premier design brown box carton (meas.: 508x570x860 mm, n.w.: 24kgs, g.w.: 26kgs).
must be print the ʺfragileʺ marking on two side of carton

and stuck the ʺfragileʺ sticker (2-3 inches size) on two
sides. color label is required to stick onto the carton

color: silver

brand: premier ʹrʹ

name: gas stove 20" 4 burners w/oven silver


model:  ef-6652ng204s


gas/electric: gas




  • 4 gas burners and one gas oven
  • oven's capacity: 60l (20")
  • stainless steel top plate
  • pulse ignition
  • full double transparent glass oven door
  • brass burner cap, aluminum burner (1 big, 2 medium, 1 small size)
  • tempered glass cover
  • gas pressure: 2800pa

color: silver


dimensions: 485x500x910mm


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