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Lavadora automatica 11kg


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washing machine

feature: fully automatic washing machine

-suspension damping system

-top loading type

-wash method: pulsator

-with computer digital control vfd display (led indicator)

-with top cover (tempered glass material)

-with safety door (resistance door)

(top cover door open over 40℃ is with resistance function)

-with two (2) water inlet: warm water, cold water (with 2 pcs water function: warm water, cold water)

(included two (2 pcs) water inlet hose in screw version, 1 inch screw thread) which is suitable install to inch water faucet)

-with 2 pcs water inlet pipe

-with 2 pcs plastic water faucet connector

-with 1 pc water outlet pipe

-           with 1 m inlet water pipe

-           with 1.5m outlet water pipe



-           with water level

-           with 24 hour preset delay start function

-           automatic power supply cut off

-           automatic imbalance correction

-           with air dry function

-           with pump (upper drainage) function

-           with child lock

-           with fuse

-           with foot : total 4 pcs

-           low noise design

-           with handle (2 side)

-           pump hose thickness : 0.4mm ~ 0.5mm above (as per hose sample confirmed by ccl)


function and program:


-           with eignt water level indicator (1l、2l、3l、4l、5l、6l、7l、8l)

-           with ten program.: normal、standard、quick、heavy、air dry、soak、wash、spin

wash rinse、rinse spin.

-           with four (4) function selection buttom:

power、start/pause、program/reserve、water level/air dry

-           with 5 program for air dry: time display 10min/20/30/60/90min

-           with double water inlet program: cold and hot water inlet when the product start

-           the hot water inlet valve has a leak-proof cover..

-           with four (4) function indicator lamp aa: soak bb: wash cc: rinse dd spin "

-           with ten program indicator lamp

“normal、standard、quick、heavy、air dry、soak、wash、spin, wash rinse、rinse spin.


material :

-           material control panel: abs

-           material of top lip cover: tempered glass

-           material of body: pp

-           material of bottom : pp

-           material of pulsator : pp

-           material of wash tube: stainless steel



-           unit size: 550x550x930mm

-           wash tub size: diameter φ∮43.5*33.5cn


capacity and print capacity:

-           tub volume (capacity): (rated wash/spin) :8 kgs (real wash capacity: 7kgs (dry cloths)

print (11kg) wash capacity to be printed on the rating label, ctn box, manual)



*warranty for the whole unit and the main spare parts (included pump, motor, timer….) 12 months* we offer 12 months warranty for main spare parts (fty must provide the guarantee letter for premier hk office record.)

* all wording in spanish/english (included control panel, rating label, carton box)


color :

-           whole unit in light grey

-           top cover color : black glass middle transparent

-           control panel color : black color same as quotation picture



-           motor output power (wash/spin) : 150w

-           motor input power (wash/spin) : 350w

-           wash motor : aluminum motor

-           drain motor: 110v/60hz pqd-707 n1 yueqing rishang electrical appliance co., ltd.

-           drain valve motor : pcx-30g 30w 21l/min, 110v/60hz changzhou


-           with reducer

-           with thermostat: 135℃

-           with fuse: f10a 250v vde ce ccc

-           with capacitor

-           with dehydration lid safety switch

-           with collision switch

-           with inlet valve

-           with water sensor

-           with wash motor

-           total cable length (1.68m) (exposed)



ac110v/60hz with ul 3 pin plug (1round, 2 flat pin)


color: light grey

voltage: ac110v/60hz


name: washing machine automatic 11kg


model: lav-7356t1a11ben1


capacity:  11kg


motor output power: 150w


motor input power: 350w


color: light grey


voltage: ac110v/60hz


dimensions: 50 x 550 x 930 mm



  • suspension damping system
  • top loading type
  • pulsator
  • with computer digital control vfd display (led)
  • intelligent control
  • temperature control
  • with progress indicator
  • auto balance system
  • overheating control
  • overflow control
  • upper drainage pump
  • child lock
  • low noise design
  • aluminum motor
  • with electric lock


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