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Lavadora automatica 11kg


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nombre: lavadora automatica 11kg


referencia: lav-8014t1a11bwn1


capacidad: 11kg


color: blanco


voltaje: ac110v/60hz


dimensiones: 550x588x920mm



•          capacidad de lavado: 11kg

•          lavadora de carga superior

•          bajo nivel de ruido

•          corrección de desbalance automática

•          con bloqueo para niños

•          con bomba de drenaje superior

•          corte de potencia automático


washing machine

feature: fully automatic washing machine

-top loading type

-           wash method: pulsator

-           with computer digital control vfd display (led indicator)

-           with folding glass door

-           with two (2) water inlet: warm water, cold water (included two (2 pcs) water inlet hose in screw version, 1 inch screw thread) which is suitable install to inch water faucet)

-           must included 2 pcs plastic water faucet connector

-           with 1 m inlet water pipe

-           with 1.5m outlet water pipe



-           with air dry

-           with water level

-           with 24 hour preset delay start function

-           automatic power supply cut off

-           automatic imbalance correction

-           with pump (upper drainage) function

-           with child lock

-           with fuse

-           with foot : total 4 pcs

-           low noise design (washing noise <62db,dehydration noise< 72db)

-           with handle (2 side)

-           pump hose thickness: 0.4mm ~ 0.5mm above (to be confirm)


function and program:

-with eight water level indicator

-           with eight program : cotton, quick, strong, one touch, kid, heavy duty

spin, tub clean 。

-           with double water inlet program: cold and hot water

-           with four function indicator lamp

-           with eight program indicator lamp

-           button : water level, program, one touch, water temp, power on/off, start/pause



-           unit size: 550x588x920mm

-           wash tub size: diameter φ∮ φ452 x 352.5mm


-           tub volume (capacity): (rated wash/spin) :11 kg




-           motor input power (wash/spin): 480w

-           motor output power (wash/spin) : 180w

-           wash motor : aluminum material

-           with drain motor

-           drain valve motor : 35w

-           with reducer

-           with thermostat: 135℃

-           with thermostat for drain valvemotor: 85℃

-           with thermostat for washing motor: 150℃

-           with fuse: f10a 125vvde ce ccc

-           with capacitor

-           with dehydration lid safety switch

-           with collision switch

-           with inlet valve

-           with water sensor

-           with wash motor

-           total cable length (1.5m) (exposed)

color: white

voltage: ac110v/60hz



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