Imagen de producto Licuadora 2 en 1 (1.8l)

Licuadora 2 en 1 (1.8l)


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  • nombre: licuadora 2 en 1 (1.8l)


    referencia: ed-5904gl


    velocidades:  4 (6 botones)


    material de jarra:  viddrio


    potencia:  350 vatios


    voltaje: ac110v/60hz 


    colores: rojo, morado, naranja, verde



    • con función de pulso
    • - función de licuadora y molienda



    • jarra de plastico
    • picatodo
    • agujeros de goteo

blender (2 in 1)

feature: - blending and grinding

-           4 speeds (6 buttons)

-           with pulse function

-           with 1.8l triangle shape glass jar, included 1 pc 4-blade [ʹcrossʹ shape stainless steel #201 blade] (blade included rubber ring, 2 with teeth, 2 without teeth). (glass jar thickness: about 2.1 to 2.4 mm, weight: 1490 g with blade set but without cover)

-           drip holes

-           with 2 pcs non-slip rubber feet approval: n/a

product size: 21.5 x 18.0 x 41.0 cm (l x w x h) material for jar blade bearing: 100% copper

material for grinder blade bearing: 100% copper material for jar: glass

material for small dry grinder: glass material for housing: ʹabsʹ plastic


-           glass jar and grinder in transparent white color

-           ʹoffʹ button in orange color

-           ʹpulseʹ button in yellow color

-           ʹspeedʹ button in white color

-           rubber feet in black color



power: 350 watts

motor in copper covered aluminum wire (cca) material (sellerʹs called full aluminum), hy7025-350 60hz, size: 70(l) x 70(w) x 25(h) mm (10 leaves fan, nylon material)

motor rotation speed (with loading blade) at maximum speed: about 10000 rpm (± 10%)

motor rotation speed (empty loading, just motor) at maximum speed: about 20000 rpm (± 10%)


cable in white color, with full copper wire: spt-2, 18awg x 2c (2 x 0.3 mm) (* printing on cable 0.5mm), 105°c, 125cm long (outside length, [measured not included the plug]), with 2 flat pin plug.


color: red, purple, orange, green

voltage: ac110v/60hz



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