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Microondas 20l/0.7pc


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nombre: microondas 20l/0.7pc


referencia: mw-7215w


capacidad:  20l/0.7pc


potencia:  1,050 vatios


voltaje: ac120v/60hz


color: blanco


dimensions: 440 x 330 x 259mm (l x w x h)



-           reloj digital (pantalla led)

-           11 niveles de potencia ajustables

-           12 ajustes de preprograma de teclas-toque (tiempo de cocción, tiempo de descongelación, peso de descongelación, encendido, reloj, temporizador de cocina, palomitas de maíz, patata, pizza, verduras congeladas, bebida y plato de cena). 

-           descongelación por tiempo y descongelación por peso

-           temporizador digital: 99 min. 99 seg.

-           cocción expresa

-           función reset

-           bloqueo infantil

-           protección de fusibles

-                 auto menu

-                 indicador de recordar cocción



-           vidrio giratorio

microwave oven
feature: oven capacity: 20l (0.7 cu.ft.)
-    11 adjustable power levels
-    12 keys-touch preprogram settings (time cook, time defrost, weight defrost, power, clock, kitchen timer, popcorn, potato, pizza, frozen vegetable, beverage & dinner plate)
-    time defrost & weight defrost
-    digital clock (led display)
-    digital timer: 99 min. 99 sec.
-    auto menu
-    kitchen timer
-    muitistage cooking
-    express cooking
-    reset function
-    glass turntable
-    end cooking signal
-    remind cooking signal
-    child lock prevents unsupervised operation
-    with 2 pcs pp feet appearance:- interior cavity: white
exterior cavity: white front & cover door frame: white
door material: transparent plastic door (open method: push bottom to open) cover: white
oven frame: white cavity material: painted
turntable material: toughened glass (diameter: 255mm, thickness: around 5mm, weight: 630g)
control type: membrane
control panel and door (pet) finishing: "normal" (not mirror)

* printing language on control panel: spanish version, and add extra control panel label in english version, and add this label inside the unit or instruction manual approval: ul certificate, (electro magnetic compatibility,

product size: 440 x 330 x 259mm (l x w x h)
product size: 306 x 304 x 206mm (l x w x h)
- with fuse protection

*    fuse: f15a 125v ul pse
*    thermostat: ksd1 160 ul vde/ ksd201 110 ul tuv
*    magnetron: 2m217j e422
*    micro-switch: kw3a 16gpa 250v/125vac ul vde ce
*    h.v. capacitor: ch85-21075 2100vav 0.75uf 50/60hz vde cqc
*    h.v. diode: cl01-12 rg012
*    turntable motor: tb-49-16-8-15 100-127v 50/60hz 4/4. 8rpm ul 4
*    fan motor in aluminium-copper wire: mdt-08a cl. b zp 120v/60hz 20w ul e305803
*    lamp 125v 20w
*    h.v. transformer: md-601amr-1 e306927 120v 60hz class 220
*    main pc board: emlauxx-24-k
*    power board: ee16

color combination:
body color: white
1.    panel background: white
2.    inner square border: white (pp)
3.    outer square border: white
4.    text on panel: -
-    1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 number keys in dark
-    7, 8, 9 number keys, "start / + 30 sec., stop / cancel" keys in white
-    cooking function keys in pantone 'cool grey 11c 
5. led display in yellow / green color

6. rubber feet in black color
output power: 700w
power consumption: 1050w
color: white
voltage: ac120v/60hz


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