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Microondas 45l/1.6pc


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  • nombre: microondas 45l/1.6pc


    referencia: mw-7214inv-ss


    capacidad:  45l/1.6pc


    potencia:  1,380 vatios


    voltaje: ac120v/60hz


    color: blanco


    dimensions: 553 x 487 x 327 mm



    • reloj digital (pantalla led)
    • 10 niveles de potencia ajustables
    • 6 ajustes de preprograma de un toque (palomitas, patatas, pizza, bebidas, vegetales congelados y plato de cena)
    • cocción expresa
    • función reset
    • bloqueo infantil
    • protección de fusibles



    • vidrio giratorio

microwave oven

feature: oven capacity: 45l (1.6 cu.ft.) (net capacity: 45l)

-           with inverter

(* ʺ inverter microwave energy save ʺ to be printed on the unit and all packaging)

-           sensor humidity

-           led lamp and white led display

-           kitchen timer

-           cooking end signal

-           10 adjustable power levels (0, 1 to 9)

-           6 one-touch preprogram settings (popcorn, baked potato, pizza, reheat) allow quick and easy preparation

-           4 setting for ʺsensorʺ (sensor reheat, frozen pizza, fresh vegetable, potato, meat & popcorn)

-           3 setting for ʺinverterʺ (power, defrost & cook time)

-           cook by weight, defrost by weight, speed defrost

-           digital clock (led display)

-           digital timer: 99 min. 99 sec.

-           re-set function

-           glass turntable

-           end cooking signal

-           remind cooking signal

-           child lock prevents unsupervised operation

-           with 4 pcs rubber feet appearance:-

interior cavity: gris exterior cavity: black open method: handle

door frame: stainless steel door glass: yes

oven frame: silver

handle: plastic handle + stainless steel patch cavity material: dusting

turntable material: toughened glass (diameter: ?mm, thickness: around ?mm, weight: ?g ± 5%) *to be advised) control type: membrane


control panel and door (pet) finishing: ʺnormalʺ (not mirror)

* printing language on control panel: spanish/english? *to be advised from buyer*

approval: ul standard

product size (outer size 外圍尺寸): 553 x 487 x 327mm (w x h x d)

product size (inner size 內裡尺寸): 394 x 433 x 260mm (w x h x d)

- with fuse protection


1.         panel background: normal black

2.         text on panel: white

- ʺstartʺ / ʺstopʺ - blue and red

(* control panel in spanish/english language, color & artwork to be confirmed by email) ? *to be advised by buyer *

3.         led display in white

4.         rubber feet in black color


output power: (to be confirmed; buyer will make decision whether acceptable or not after ev sample testing)

power consumption: 1,380 watts


cable in black color with full copper wire: (ul) e306970 sjt, 105°c, 300v, 14awg x 3c, 100cm long outside long [measured not included the plug]. total length 120cm long included plug, with ul (e205424) 3 pins plug (1 round pin and 2 flat pins)


voltage: ac120v/60hz

name: microwave oven 45l/1.6cuft


model: mw-7214inv-ss


capacity:  45l/1.6cu.ft


power:  1,380 watts


voltage: ac120v/60hz


color: white


dimensions: 553 x 487 x 327 mm



  • digital clock (led display)
  • 10 adjustable power levels
  • 6 one-touch preprogram  settings (popcorn, potato, pizza, beverage, frozen vegetable & dinner  plate)
  • express cooking
  • reset function
  • child lock
  • fuse protection



  • glass turntable



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